One year ago today…

One year ago to the day I was packed and nervously waiting at the airport to start what would become an 8 month adventure abroad. I had carefully, and with OCD precision, picked out what clothing, shoes, and electronics had made the cut. My Osprey backpack was clean and organized and as ready to see the world as I was. A couple of months earlier I had quit my full-time position and gained a part-time remote role that would allow me the flexibility I had been dreaming about. While I loved my coworkers and the tech company perks were amazing (there is only so much free LaCroix and breakfast tacos can do)… I knew I wasn’t happy. So after a lot of back and forth and some much needed encouragement from family and friends, I made the leap! Next thing I knew I had purchased a ticket to Paris and the reality of the situation started to unfold. While I had traveled internationally before, this trip would be different for many reasons. This time around it would primarily be a solo expedition and unlike the others, there was no expiration date in sight. It was now or never and looking back I’m so happy I took the risk. My only regret is that I didn’t start sharing my journey sooner, so today on the anniversary of my trip I will begin to tell my story.

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